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Kaizen Cardio Muay Thai/Kickboxing

These 60-Minutes classes integrate body-weight exercises and Muay Thai kickboxing conditioning for all levels. These are a great way to spark fat loss, total body endurance, and develop new skills. While there is some technical instruction, Kaizen Cardio Muay Thai kickboxing Classes are focused on keeping your heart rate up while teaching you the fundamentals of Muay Thai kickboxing. Please bring your own gloves.

Kaizen HIIT

These 60-minute strength and conditioning-focused classes are accessible to all levels. This class takes advantage of a variety of unconventional tools like kettle-bells, dumbbells, barbells, sleds, ropes, and more. The focus on larger groups provides a high-energy atmosphere and the classes are structured with a focus on delivering the perfect blend of fat loss, strengthening, skill development, and fun.


Kaizen Yoga

These classes are 75 minutes of hot yoga lead by experienced yoga studio instructors. Improve mobility, flexibility, and strength through the flows and poses. The heat allows for improved movement in the joints. These classes are for all levels. Our instructors w.ill make you guide you to your inner strength will providing an intense yoga workout