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Open Gym, Personal Training, Group Fitness, Yoga, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Kickboxing and Muay Thai

All Forms of Fitness Training Under One Roof


The Kaizen Gym

At Kaizen our members are seeking to achieve his or her goals, whether that be to lose weight, increase strength, improve athleticism and coordination, or train in something new. Each trainer and instructor is there to guide every member along their journey with the necessary tools, experience, knowledge, and equipment. When you join Kaizen you are GUARANTEED to achieve your goal. all we ask is that you simply show up.


About Kaizen

Kaizen is a 7,500 square foot facility located off of Flood and near Norman North High School in Norman, OK. It is the only training facility of its kind in the Norman/Moore area. This unique facility implements functional training along with highly skilled personnel to improve the performance of every member.


Why Train at Kaizen

Kaizen goes far beyond what either a warehouse “box” or high end commercial gym can offer. We combine traditional lifting, unconventional methods, and time-tested implements and techniques to deliver the very best in performance and longevity training.


Who Trains at Kaizen

Every Day people and Fitness Enthusiasts - Kaizen focuses on bringing all aspects of fitness to all individuals, of any skill level; these include functional training, strength and conditioning, weight loss, yoga, and martial arts. Learn how to move properly while working towards long term improvement using kettle bells, barbells, dumbbells, sleds, calisthenics, med balls, and more.

Athletes - If you are looking to get a college scholarship, make your varsity team, or train while home on break, Kaizen Sports Performance is for you.





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Join a fitness community that is passionate, determined, and supportive. Whether you’re here for a day or committed to years, we’ve got exactly what you need. Don’t see a package that works for you? Come on in and we can create one best tailored to your needs.

Martial Arts classes include classes for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, kickboxing/Muay Thai and self defense and are taught by a First Degree Black Belt and former MMA competitor

Yoga classes are taught by highly experinced instructors that have a background in working at yoga studios.

Check out Kaizen Performance on the Mindbody app to get a layout for our weekly schedule for all classes to know what best fits for you.


Base Membership (Gym Access Only)

$50 — Monthly Gym Access

$40 — Monthly Gym Access + Work with a Trainer (Trainer fees are separate)

Drop In

$15 — All Day Gym Access

Base Membership with Unlimited Classes

$100 — Unlimited Yoga and Group Fitness Classes (Excludes Martial Arts)

$100 — Unlimited Martial Arts Only (Excludes Yoga and Group Fitness)

$120 — Unlimited All Classes (Including Martial Arts)

$60 — College Student-Unlimited Classes

*Ask about creating your own personalized membership package!

*Discounts for Military, First Responders, and OU Faculty and Students!

Group Fitness


Martial Arts



“A philosophy of never being satisfied with what was accomplished earlier.”


World-class Trainers




Kaizen Gym overhead 2.JPG

6 Squat Racks with Pull up Rigs

Squat Racks.JPG

Olympic Barbells Trap Bars Bumper Plates Landmines Jammer Arms

Yoga Room.jpg

Yoga Studio

Martial Arts Room.jpg

Competition Grade Martial Arts Mats

Cubbies and Class Equipment.jpg

Class Equipment and Cubbies for Members

35 Yards of Black Turf for Sled and Sprints

Shower Stall.jpg


DBs, KBs, Medballs, Benches.jpg

DBs to 150

KBs to 88lbs Medballs to 30lbs Battle Ropes

Pre and Post Workout Options.jpg

Pre and Post Workout Options